Sunday, September 21, 2014

~Fall is in the Air~

We have been blessed with cooler weather 
in San Diego this weekend.
The heat has been unbearable with the humidity very high.
We have had our air conditioner on, 
it seems like all summer.
The garden was so pleasant to be wandering and 
checking out my plants this morning.
This time of year, we pull out the summer vegetables 
and plan our fall garden. 

To sit and plan where we would want new bulbs to go.

I wanted to share with you what I read
 about how to control flies near your chicken coop.
 Cut different herbs in bunches and hang them 
with jute near their coop.

Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Sage and Dill.
They not only look pretty,
they smell good too!
I also read to place edible flowers near the chicken boxes.
Doria seemed to like the idea!
She laid an egg!!
Doria and Lucy are always surprising us in a new spot.
I displayed some flowers from the garden in their eggs. 
Lots of different colors.
Egg shells make a wonderful little vase.
Another surprise in the garden today!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

~Autumn Pincushions and Simple & Sweet Fridays #133~

 I was starting to make my Pumpkins for Fall and also wanted to make an Autumn Pincushion. 
I had some autumn leaves to add to the piece. 
I cut out some white velvet material to make strawberries
 and hand-stitched some
 gold little beads onto them.
I added a green leaf crown and stem.
The white berries gave the pincushions a little whimsy.
I made a Fall vignette with my other pumpkins.
A new Autumn look for the holiday.
I made another pincushion with acorns.
I made some velvet acorns from a project last year, 
so I used them to decorate the top.

~Different Size Acorns~ 
Another display for Fall.
You can always add a little bling!
An old jewelry piece I had from my mother.
A collection of pins.
An antique jeweled leaf pin for the final creation.
~A Fall Vignette~
Another New Find:
~A cake knife from Anthropologie~
It matches the cake plate I purchased in June from there.
I love that Store!

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Rooted In Thyme

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

~Fall Pumpkins and Simple & Sweet Fridays #132~

September is the month for the first day of Autumn.
The changing of seasons and the leaves start to fall.
We always start to harvest our pumpkins for the holiday this month. 
Using squash for a vessel for soup is
 just the perfect bowl for a festive dinner. 
~Butternut Squash~
Feeding our chickens the outside of squash.
They loved it!
Carly wanted to make dog treats for our labrador, Maggie, today.

She found a natural dog treat recipe on the internet.
We bought dog bone cookie cutters at our local bakery.
Maggie was very interested in the new treat!!
She loved it!!
I was gardening and moved 
my dad's stained glass in a new spot.
It looks perfect!!
I wanted to share photos of our Fall Garden.

Hope you're all having fun in your Fall Gardens!!

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Rooted In Thyme

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