Thursday, October 1, 2015

~Colors of Fall and Simple & Sweet Fridays #187~

In our garden
 the colors of
 are everywhere!
I always love making a Pumpcullent for Fall!
A pumpkin with succulents glued on top.
It looks so pretty in our Autumn garden.
They usually last through the Winter.
We always have plenty of succulents growing in the garden.
You can hot glue some moss and then hot glue the succulents on.
Mist the succulents once a week.
It's a very easy project for Fall.
I wanted to share with you our pumpkins this year.
Not as many because of the hot weather,
but at least we have some.

I love the things I collected in the garden today.
I'll use them for my Autumn decorations in the house.
~Beautiful Fall Colors~

I made some zucchini bread today,
the kids love it for breakfast.
Some cute pumpkin cookies from Panera Bread Bakery.
I think I'm almost done decorating for Fall in the house now.
We grew lots of Butternut Squashes and Jack-Be-Little pumpkins
this year in the garden.
~They make a wonderful Fall vignette~

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Monday, September 28, 2015

~Comforts of Home~

The weather in San Diego has been very hot and humid this summer.
I just thought I'd stay inside today and enjoy the air conditioner.
I love fresh flowers in the kitchen.
Stock is one of my favorite.
It smells so good.
We made some sweets for breakfast.
Carly made homemade coffeecake.
Chocolate croissants
and heart pancakes.
I wanted to make Red Wine-Braised Shortribs. I found a recipe in Bon Appetit 2011. I love using fresh herbs from the garden.
You can find the recipe on
The meat was so tender,
Stan loved it!
I also made 
Good Eats Creamed Corn Cornbread
(Alton Brown's recipe)
Definitely Comfort Food.
The garden has lots of butternut squash this year.
I love the arranging little Fall vignettes from the things we grow.
The princess loves her Jack-Be-Little Pumpkins.
I wanted to share with you our beautiful water lilies.
The bees love them too!!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

~Fall Inspiration and Simple & Sweet Fridays #186~

September 23, the first day of Fall.
Which happens to be on my birthday too!
Even though I've celebrated it for the last few weeks,
Fall is finally here!!
I love the colors of Autumn.
Which inspired me to set a tablescape with 
all the wonderful colors.
Pumpkins, squashes, gourds, cabbages, eggplant and more!
The colors are just so beautiful on French material.

A rooster Stan had given me years ago was the main centerpiece.
The Autumn leaves are falling everywhere.
Acorns give a little sparkle to the Holidays coming soon.
~An Abundant Harvest for An Autumn Tablescape~
Fall has arrived!
A cozy dinner to celebrate the season!
Bruschetta with fresh basil, asparagus with prosciutto 
and my mother's meatball soup. 
Our Garden is telling us its Autumn now!!

Can't wait to see all your Inspiration ideas!!

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